Exclusive Review: A Shift In Gravity (Review)

February 11, 2015

Last night Hot Off The Mess had the pleasure of attending a reading for A Shift In Gravity, written by award-winning play and screen writer Kathleen McGhee-Anderson.

The reading took place in Hollywood, California at the Matrix Theater.


My Experience:

As I entered the theater I was greeted by Gregg Daniel (director) with a big smile. A warm welcome and an arm lead me toward another hallway that I traveled down. I turn and walk through curtains to find an audience of groups talking to one another.

The stage had props meant for what looked like a lunch scene for a small play. When I looked toward the audience once more I found a seat for myself and began to wonder what I would be watching.

I knew the name of the play and read who would be performing in the reading, however I did not want to look into it any more due to my impulsive mood these days. A woman walking up to the stage breaks my train of thought and she begins to talk.

The chatter dies down and only McGhee-Anderson is speaking on stage as the lights glow down upon her. You can tell that she is a bit nervous, but I find that admirable about the talented writer. She tells the audience about Write Girl!, a foundation that supports female teen writers, and how grateful she was to see the audience there.



Without further conversation three woman followed by a man walk out onto the stage and each stand before their chairs. They take a seat simultaneously and the narrator begins.

The play starts off about the daughter of a famous writer, K.C. Polegrin played by Alley Mills, and her roller coaster of a life as a writer. K.C. is living with Jewel Brown played by S. Epatha Merkerson who is not only her editor/assistant, but her best friend. She’s putting out a new novel and her tour sparks the next chapter of her life, but not before a journalist for Vanity Fair arrives at her home for an interview. Colin Zane, a young journalist played by Daniel Mitura, does more than just interview K.C.; he involves himself deeply into the two women’s lives. Past dreams come up, hearts get tossed around and an interesting ending seals the deal to this inspiring comedy drama.

Mills was the perfect choice for K.C. with a voice and attitude that really fit the character. Merkerson did superbly in her role as Jewel Brown (formerly known as Jewel Barkley) with her sassy, yet nurturing delivery.



However, the plot really dug into my skin with Mitura performance as Colin. His charming face really helped carry the young journalist image into my head and his performance, while frustrating because of the character’s nature, was impressive to say the least.

The story itself was extremely entertaining and the actors painted the story beautifully for us audience members. The story line between K.C. and Jewel had me hooked after one scene and allowed me to invest in each character. All in all, the credit truly goes to Kathleen McGhee-Anderson and her skilled writing. She left us completely satisfied, but still excited for more.

The reading itself was very entertaining and provided a solid message that really resonated with me. It was a great time and I can’t wait to see the story really hit the stage!



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