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Exclusive: The mind behind Shakira’s ‘La,la,’la,’ J2, is Releasing Solo Album

He describes his sound as epic. He is the mastermind behind Shakira’s hit World Cup sensation song “Dare (La La La),” which drove his name to world-wide audiences.

J2, also known as Jay Singh, is a unique producer from India with a distinct sound like no other. Originally from the U.K., J2 masters all facets in his life – as a producer, DJ, composer and most importantly, husband and father of two.

“You have to blend [family and career] together,” he said. “My wife is also my manager, so honestly, there has to be a partnership for better understanding. If there wasn’t that, then it would never work out for our family – at all.”

J2 moved to the United States with his family in 2008 to New York, and then relocated again to Los Angeles to take a chance and further his music career.

“It’s amazing. I came [to the U.S.] with no game plan from London – literally I came with my wife, two kids, my suitcases, and that was it,” he said, “and it’s been awesome. We’ve had to do whatever it takes. Hard work and our perseverance are paying off now.

J2 has not only established himself as a DJ and a producer, but also a successful composer whose music is widely featured in trailers, films, TV shows and video games.

He produced Johnny Cash’s ”Ain’t No Grave” (Black Opium remix) for the Oscar-winning movie “Django Unchained,” which became the main title song of the movie’s trailer. Michael Jackson’s ”Man In The Mirror,” which appears on J2′s album “J2, The Iconic Series Vol 1.,” was also recently featured on the hit TV show “Grey’s Anatomy.”

Currently, J2 is working with artist Jesse Medeles, who has signed to his label, J2 Entertainment. They are putting the final touches to finish Medeles’ album for the end of March 2015. This year, J2 is also ready to show the world his new album, “Iconic Series Volume 2.”

You can find more about J2 at and listen to his music on iTunes.

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